Art Focus: Halloween Boba Fett

Late 2012, Lucasfilm LTD tapped me to create 12 brand new paintings for the official Star Wars Style Guide. The style Guide is a data base that all officially licensed Star Wars merchandisers can choose art or photo graphs to use for their products like T-SHirts, Greeting Cards, Wrapping Paper… really anything. Potentially all of these official Holidays illustrations can be all over the place for Halloween and Christmas 2013 and beyond! Pretty Cool huh?

Today’s Art Focus is on my Illustration called “Halloween Boba Fett“.

Halloween is my favorite holiday so when Lucasfilm LTD asked me to create 6 new Halloween inspired illustrations for their 2013 style guide, I couldn’t resist! Now the most difficult part of this porject was coming up with concepts that have not already been done a million times. Let me tell you, it was tough! I must have done 4 times as many concept designs than usual because it seemed every two concepts I came up with had already been done like 5 times before.  So, I decided to start simple. Icoonography is very improtant to Halloween and Star Wars, so I started looking at simple  images from Halloween, and the silhouette of a Witch was one of my favorites. It’s one of those images that screems Halloween, but it’s very subtle, not in your face like a Jack O lantern.I treid to think of Star Wars characters who everyone would recognize in a silouette, and who had some sort of cape. Darth Vader of course came to mind imediately, but I didn’t want to over use Darth Vader in my illustrations.  Darth Maul would be great with the Horns, but they didn;t want to use Darth Maul. So, then I simply thought of a major character I had not used in the Christmas Illustrations yet. Duh, Boba Fett! And there is no mistaking who the silhoette is, so Boba was a perfct witch!

Halloween Boba Fett
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Official Star Wars Holiday Art ©LucasfilmLTD

Official Star Wars Holiday Art ©LucasfilmLTD