Star Wars Illustrated Trading Card TRADE IN

pack of sw illustratedHey Fans, I’m so excited Star Wars Illustrated is finally hitting shelves!

What’s Star Wars Illustrated? Check out this blog I wrote about it!

As with every Trading card set I have illustrations in I am offering a great TRADE IN Deal!
Yes, I want your extra trading cards that feature my art work!

Here is the Deal

Get 1% off  “Randy martinez” Art for each Star Wars Illustrated trading card (that features my art).

Example: If you trade in 3 cards, you get 3% off. If you trade in 17 cards, you get 17% off, and so on but UPTO 30% off one item.

Get a Maximum of 30% Off one selected items in my Official Randy Martinez Store
Or a Maximum of 20% off any one commission. That includes, portraits, sketches, sketch cards, bootleg figure art, anything!

Do you have 100’s of cards to trade in? You can use your trade ins for multiple items. Or if you have an acceptional amount of cards to trade in, pm me and we can negotiate a

Email me using teh form below if you have any questions or would like to take advantage of this offer!

Here are some samples of the Cards of mine you can find in this inaugural trading card set. I did 32 cards for this set so there are plenty of opportunities to get trade in cards!