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Batman, Gotham City

While Superman may be the most recognized superhero in the world, Batman has possibly become the Worlds most popular superhero. At the very least Batman is by far the most popular DC comics… Continue reading

Superman, Last Son of Krypton- Legacy

Superman is the worlds most recognizable superhero. Some have asked me why it has taken me this long to create a Superman painting with Superman having so much popularity. The answer is I… Continue reading

Spider-man: Legacy

Spider-man has been one of my favorite COmic book Superheroes my entire life. He’s easily one of the most recognizable heroes in comics along with Superman and Batman. ┬áSo Spiderman had to be… Continue reading

The Incredible Hulk 2: Legacy

Continuing with my series of Mighty Avengers, I revisited the Incredible Hulk. In my First Hulk Painting I focused on the emotional aspects of Hulk, where I capture the Fury of the Hulk.… Continue reading

Captain America 2: Legacy

I decided to revisit Captain America after seeing the Avengers in the Summer of 2012. I was so impressed and excited by the film that I couldn’t wait to get home and paint… Continue reading


Wolverine, one of the most popular comic book super heroes of all time, is the newest edition to my Marvel Legacy series.

Ironman: Legacy

To be Perfectly honest, I was never a really big Ironman fan. Don’t get me wrong, he was very cool with his shiny armor and lasers, but I never really got into the… Continue reading


Introducing my latest creation in my mixed media Painting series, Hawkeye! Also known as Clint Barton, Hawkeye is the marksman archer for the Marvel superhero group the Avengers. Hawkeye was one of my… Continue reading