Ask An Artist- This and That

Today I thought I would answer some of the quicker, easier to answer questions before going into something  deeper. First a few quick questions from Joseph. How Many sketches have you done in… Continue reading

Ask an Artist- Is there life outside of Star Wars and Comics?

Today’s Question comes from Lesley Farquhar in California, She asks, “Outside of Star Wars and comics, are there other areas of pop culture that inspire you and what are they? What new direction would… Continue reading

Ask an Artist! Art Museums…my way!

Today’s Question comes from the wonderful artist Amy Pronovost (Canada). Amy asks, “You walk into an art museum, what section do you go to first? Are you inspired by any of the masters?” 

Stan Lee’s Comikaze, a cornucopia of Geekdom!

You may have heard of San Diego Comic Con, Dragon-con, or even Star Wars Celebration. GIant Comic Book conventions offering a plethora of art, collectibles, and merchandise for the popular culture fan, better… Continue reading

Mega Fan Girl is here!

One of the biggest topics in the news the last few years has been Bullies. It’s a cultural phenominon how big this news story is because bullies have been around since the beginning… Continue reading

Custom Bootleg Figure Art

So, what is a Custom Bootleg Figure? Custom Bootleg Figures are one of a kind pieces of art created on a real action figure packages or cards. I take a real Carded Action… Continue reading

Ask An Artist-Blog series- Back to the Art

Okay, so my last few blogs in this series have been pretty…Well, more about philosophy than physical art. Nothing wrong with that, because most of what art is, is philosophy. But Today I’m… Continue reading

Ask An Artist-Blog series- Burn Out..’nuff Said

Todays Question comes from Danielle in California Do you ever get burned out doing artwork? What keeps you inspired and motivated to keep going? BURN OUT is VERY common with all artists. For me,… Continue reading