Classic Monster Series

There is something really warm and comforting about those old Black and White Monster films. I have always loved them since I first saw the Wolfman as a young boy. 
They were made back in a era when artists will still learning and mastering the art of film making. While they were very limited in terms of special effects and make up Technology

, they accomplished some amazing things.Even if you can see the wire that  supports Dracula in his Vampire Bat form,  or that you can tell the stone walls are actually made out of foam, there is just something charming about the effort that was made to create it. The film makers didn’t let their limited resources stop them from making great movies and haunting imagery on film. There is something to be said about creativity being at an all time high when you DON’T have every resource at your disposal. Camera Angles, amazing lighting, acting, and ingenious make up is all they had, and it worked.

This Series of Ink Drawings Celebrates some of my favorite Monsters from yesteryear.
Every piece is 9 X 12, created with Ink on Bristol.

All of the following drawings are for sale at my store for $300.00 each.
Contact me through the form below if you are interested in a special group rate or if you would like to commission a similar piece.

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