Art For Sale! Star Wars Illustrated : A New Hope “Threading the Stone Needle (Line Art)


Threading the Stone Needle-72

From Topps Trading Cards Star Wars: Illustrated Trading Card Series (2013). One of 31 original drawings created by artist Randy Martinez for this popular Trading Card series. “Threading the Stone Needle” is a scene illustrated from the Star Wars Radio Drama.

Early in the Star Wars Radio drama, Lue Skywalker wins a friendly Star Wars style drag race through Beggars Canyon. He wins by flying his Skyhopper through the suicidal “Stone Needle”. Only Luke’s Best friend Biggs has ever “Threaded the Needle” and lived. The scene does a wonderful job of establishing Luke Skywalker as am ace pilot, but also a forshadowing of his eventual Heroics against the Death Star.

This is the actual art used for the trading card. It is a great, very detailed piece, that was later digitally colored for the final product.

NOTE:This lot is for the Black and White Line Art only. The color sample is to show how the Trading card product looks after digital color was added.
11″ X 17″ Ink on Bristol

$700.00 Plus shipping and Handling

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