Topps Star Wars Illustrated

toppsbannerIn 1981, the National Public Radio (NPR) produced a live radio drama of Star Wars: A New Hope.  Performed just like the classic radio dramas from the golden years of radio complete with sound effects and the John Williams score from the Star Wars film. Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels reprised their roles of Luke Skywalker and C-3P0 (respectively) while the rest of the cast was played by seasoned actors like Perry King (Han Solo) and Brock Peters (Darth Vader). The Radio drama was a real treat for fans of the Star Wars universe as it expanded on the original story of Star Wars through previously unused storylines that were ultimately cut from the original Star Wars film. These scenes were acted out in the radio drama, giving depth to the Story we all know and love, and introduces us to a few new KEY characters.
Flash forward to November 6, 2013,  Highbridge is re-releasing the Classic Radio drama on Mp3 CD, and to Celebrate Topps trading Cards is simultaneously releasing Star Wars Illustrated. Star Wars Illustrated is a Trading Card product that illustrates and retells the story of Star Wars as told in the Radio Drama! For the first time scenes that were exclusive to the radio drama, will be seen through the art of illustration. A hand full of today’s hottest Star Wars artist were tapped to illustrate 102 trading cards that, when put in order, will tell the story of Star Wars, just like a comic book!  Yours truly was asked to create 32 cards for the set, and I am honored to have my art along side artists Matt Busch, and Brian Rood.

pack of sw illustrated  I am very excited for the release of these trading cards as it features so much of my art work, and in a style I previously have not had the opportunity to display. I have always loved drawing with pen and ink, in what is commonly referred to as “Comic Book” Style.  While I have been creating art my whole life, Comic Books are what really made me think of art as a career for the first time and I was addicted to instantly. I studied all f the big artists from back then, my favorites being  John Byrne, John Romita, and John and Sal Buscema. I draw from their drawings constantly as a child eventually branching out and making my own drawings using what I had learned from their styles. Over time my art career has given me opportunities to do all kinds of interesting styles of art but it also caused me to put away my “Comic Book” style for many years. Not that I wanted to, but you just can’t do EVERYTHING due to not enough time in the day. So when I got tapped to do Star Wars illustrated I was over joyed, but admittedly a little rusty as I started the project. I was pretty tight (not in a good way) at first, but after some practice and digging out and studying my old heroes, it all started coming back to me. Wow, I was having so much fun, I was in heaven! I am EXTREMELY proud of this set of art I created for Star Wars Illustrated and cannot wait to get my complete set of cards!

I will be posting the cards I have created as they are released, so come back often!