Art Focus: Star Wars Christmas Carolers

Late 2012, Lucasfilm LTD tapped me to create 12 brand new paintings for the official Star Wars Style Guide. The style Guide is a data base that all officially licensed Star Wars merchandisers can choose art or photo graphs to use for their products like T-SHirts, Greeting Cards, Wrapping Paper… really anything. Potentially all of these official Holidays illustrations can be all over the place for Halloween and Christmas 2013 and beyond! Pretty Cool huh?

Today’s Art Focus is on my Illustration called “Star Wars Christmas Carolers”.

One of the things I am most proud of is my reputation with the halls of Lucasfilm. I was once coined “The Swiss Armey Knife of Star Wars Artsits” by former Lucasfilm director of fan relations, Steve Sansweet. Knowing that Lucasfilm views me as their go to guy for anything they might need is trully an honor. ONE of those things they know they can count on me for is creating humorous art. Let me tell you, it isn;t often that Lucasfilm creates humorous work, so to know they always come to me when they need it… is pretty cool. So I couldn’t disapoint with teh concepts that I brough to the table. There were several, like always, that were WAY too… well, lets just say, they wern’t “Lucasfilm” as they put it. But I understand that, and it’s cool, because they understand to get the humor that is “Lucasfilm” I have to come up with ideas that cross their threshold so that we pull back and tone it down so the humor just toes that line. With all of that said, this was one of the pieces that toed the line right off the bat, but it was a winner instantly. The only concern was to make them look like they were singing without making them look too strange.
I already knew in my mind I wanted to use an image of Leia singing from the Star wars Holiday Special. I was worried, because Lucasfilm generally likes to forget aboutthe Holiday Special, but I think they saw this as making a positive out of a negative, which is exactly what I was thinking. With Leia as teh center piece, the others were pretty simple, but I wanted to also capture their personalities. Luke would of course be an over achiever type and sing his heart out to impress Leia. Chewie, Would be down for it, but I like to imagine Chewie actually has a great voice and is professional level. Han on teh other hand, I think would not really be into it, giving  a half hearted effort, almost just mouthing the words. I think think I captured that:)

Star Wars Christmas Carolers
10 X 15 Acrylic on Illustration Board.
Available for purchase (Please contact me for pricing by using the form below)

Official Star Wars Holiday Art ©LucasfilmLTD

Official Star Wars Holiday Art ©LucasfilmLTD