Art Focus: Happy Holidays! Star Wars Style

Late 2012, Lucasfilm LTD tapped me to create 12 brand new paintings for the official Star Wars Style Guide. The style Guide is a data base that all officially licensed Star Wars merchandisers can choose art or photo graphs to use for their products like T-SHirts, Greeting Cards, Wrapping Paper… really anything. Potentially all of these official Holidays illustrations can be all over the place for Halloween and Christmas 2013 and beyond! Pretty Cool huh?

Today’s Art Focus is on my Illustration called “Happy Holidays-Star Wars Style”.

This piece was directly inspired by Those bumper stickers you see all over where iconic images spell out a saying or word. To be honest, it was a lot harder to create than I thought when first thining of this idea. The Word “Happy” Was fairly easy to find letter shaped Star wars Images, Especially Yoda as the Y:) But when it came to “Holidays”, which has three more letters than “Happy”, was a bit tougher.  We did not want to duplicate any of the images, so I couldn’t Use another TIE Fighter for the H. Finding something recognizable, that looked like an H was tough. Finally, I noticed that a Vulture Droid standing up, kind of looks like an H, so we went with that. The upside down Battle Droid head for the “L” was originally a blaster, be we all felt that a weapon like a Blaster just didn;t feel very “Holidays”, even though we used teh Death Star. I don;t know why, it just didn’t feel right. Ultimately, the Droid Head looked more like an “L” anyway.

Happy Holidays-Star Wars Style
20 X 15 Acrylic on Illustration Board.
Available for purchase (Please contact me for pricing by using the form below)

Official Star Wars Holiday Art ©LucasfilmLTD

Official Star Wars Holiday Art ©LucasfilmLTD