Art Focus: A Kiss under the Mistletoe ( Han Solo and Princess Leia)

Late 2012, Lucasfilm LTD tapped me to create 12 brand new paintings for the official Star Wars Style Guide. The style Guide is a data base that all officially licensed Star Wars merchandisers can choose art or photo graphs to use for their products like T-SHirts, Greeting Cards, Wrapping Paper… really anything. Potentially all of these official Holidays illustrations can be all over the place for Halloween and Christmas 2013 and beyond! Pretty Cool huh?

Today’s Art Focus is on my Illustration called “A Kiss under the Mistletoe ( Han Solo and Princess Leia)”.

A little something for the Ladies! Okay, I do like romantic scenes too, I can admit it:) Haha. Really though, It is always good to celebrate teh romance of Star Wars and there is nothing more Romantic than this iconic scene of Han and Leias first kiss.
Adding the Mistletoe was a no brainer for teh Holidays. Oddley enough, when I brough the concept out no one could recall this very simple concept ever being done. So it ws one of the first concepts to get Green lit. I could totally see this image on the side of a big MUG for hot coacoa on a cold winter night, snuggling with your guy or girl, watching Star Wars:)

A Kiss under the Mistletoe ( Han Solo and Princess Leia)
9 X 10 Acrylic on Illustration Board.
Available for purchase (Please contact me for pricing by using the form below)

Official Star Wars Holiday Art ©LucasfilmLTD

Official Star Wars Holiday Art ©LucasfilmLTD