Star Wars Episode 7: Retire of the Jedi (Han Solo & Chewbacca)

Star Wars 7 Retire of the Jedi, Han Solo and Chewbacca 9 X 12 Marker on Bristol

Star Wars 7 Retire of the Jedi, Han Solo and Chewbacca 9 X 12 Marker on Bristol

Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere you know that Disney has bought Lucasfilm LTD and the Star Wars property. You would also know that Disney has announced that they are starting production on Star Wars Episode 7,8 and 9. It’s exciting news for Star Wars and movie fans all over the world. If you have been paying attention to the Star Wars news that has been all over all media fronts you also know that key actors from the Original Star Wars trilogy are in talks to star in the new films. Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill are all expected to reprise their roles as Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker, respectively. As happy as that makes Star Wars fans, it also brings a lot of questions as to how OLDER versions of our favorite characters will look and play out in the new Trilogy. So I have Started a new series of Concept designs for what could be the next chapter in the Star wars Saga… Retire of the Jedi.

This second installment of this series features our favorite smugglers Han Solo and CHewbacca. I tried to image in what their characters would look like after 30 years. Han, Beyond his prime years still tries to keep up his cool swagger, even with a achy back. Chewbacca, is already 400 years old when we meet him in Star Wars IV-A New Hope), but the last 30 years have really put some aging to his wookiee body. Chewbacca’s look is a combination of Chewbacca and his Father Itchy as seen in the Star Wars Holiday Special (1978).

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Stay Tuned as I will be adding more pieces of concept art from Retire of the Jedi!

Retire of the Jedi (Han Solo & Chewbacca)