Batman, Gotham City

Acrylic on Canvas and Wood Panel

Batman, Gotham City- Acrylic on Canvas and Wood Panel

While Superman may be the most recognized superhero in the world, Batman has possibly become the Worlds most popular superhero. At the very least Batman is by far the most popular DC comics superhero, and for good reason. Batman is the bad boy of superheroes and the bad boy is always the sexiest and most appealing to readers. Batman’s dark edge and brooding nature along with his intelligence makes him somewhat unpredictable, which is what I think makes Batman so unique and appealing. Because Batman is unpredictable it has been easy for writers and artists of Batman to be more creative and imaginative with the Batman Character. When you think of Superman, Wonder Woman, or even Spiderman, there hasn’t been a whole lot of change or stretching of the characters due to some of the rules those characters create for themselves.Batman, on the other hand, has been reimagined so many times that there are books written about it. IT’s hard to keep up some times, but I love that about Batman. It’s the artistic License that the Batman character demands that has kept Batman fresh and in the forefront of  our imaginations. For this painting of Batman I wanted to celebrate the classic iconography of Batman. The Blue and Grey Batman Suite is straight from the 70’s. This is the Batman that I grew up with on the Superfriends cartoon, toys, and Batman Comics. The Running Batman is iconic from the 60’s TV show. Who doesn’t remember the animated opening to that show with Batman running towards the camera with his Cape flapping behind him? I grew up watching those reruns and image has always stayed in my head when I think of Batman. Of course Batman would not be Batman without the city he protects, Gotham city. This skyline was inspired by a great illustration from the comics I came across. Unfortunately, I don;t know the name of the original artist, but it really captures that gothic feel of the city. Finally, we have the Bat Signal high over Gotham city. Like a fireman calling to an emergency, Batman is always ready to jump to Gotham’s aid when Commissioner Gordon turns the Bat signal on.

Batman, Gotham City
18 X 24 Acrylic on Canvas and wood panel.
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