Superman, Last Son of Krypton- Legacy

superman legacy final

Superman is the worlds most recognizable superhero. Some have asked me why it has taken me this long to create a Superman painting with Superman having so much popularity. The answer is I really wanted to think about. There is so much legend with Superman, and the general public knows Superman as an icon. Iconic status comes with a lot of predisposed ideas and notions about the icon, so when creating an image of an icon, you have to take care to not stray away from the legend and image of, in this case, Superman. At the same time I did not want to rehash the story we all know of Superman crash landing on Earth as a Baby and being raised by the Kents. While that part of the story is briefly in the painting, I really wanted to focus on what makes Superman DIFFERENT than most any other superhero. What makes superman different is that he is an Alien. He is the protector of Earth but he is not an Earthling. I chose to paint him outside of Earth’s atmosphere because as much as Superman would like to be, he can truly never be an earthling. There is a great monologue in the feature Film Kill Bill Part 2, where David Carodine (Bill) talks about this in great detail. It’s really great, and I agree with him. In this monologue he points out that Superheros like Batman, or Spider-man wear a Superhero costume to conceal their true identity. But Superman in his Blue and Red outfit is his real clothes, and his Alter Ego Clark Kent is actually his disguise. Clark Kent is how superman views Humans. It seems so simple, but this is very unique to most any other superhero. So in this piece I focus on the idea that Superman is in fact an alien from the Planet Krypton. Krypton, as you know, is destroyed making Superman an Alien without a true home. So as heroic as Superman is , I was hoping to capture just a touch of melancholy.

Superman Legacy
18 X 24
Acrylic and Comic Books on Clayboard

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