Werewolves and Holbein

IMG_0666I am very happy to report that I have been chosen to be a featured artist for Holbeins newest promotional campaign. Holbein paints are introducing a new line of Acrylic paints that are really really great. That work seemlessly with the other Holbein products and carry the same vibrancy and hues. I love them. The promotion tour will make it’s start in Japan soon with featured art by artist who use Holbein paints. They asked me to create a new piece of art using their new acrylic paints. I decided it was a good opportunity to start a painting series I’ve been wanting to do for some time. Monsters! I did a line of black and white sketch cards that featured all the main movie monsters of the Black and WHite era of film, and I always wanted to make them all into paintings. SO this is the first of the series. Check out the gallery below to see the sketch cards that inspired this painting.