Princess Leia, Jabba’s Slave – Legacy

Princess Leia-comics72Princess Leia is a very important character not only to Star Wars but to our culture. She was one of the first female characters in popular culture to be both beautiful and strong. Princess Leia construde confidence and knack for leadership rather than simply being a damsel in distress. For this piece I wanted to caapture Leia’s more vulnerable side but with her still showing strength and will. Leia is indeed at the mercy of Jabba the Hutt, but she has sacrificed herself to be part of the bigger plan to save her love Han Solo. She demenstrates her love for Han, an undying sense of nurturing and an unshakable faith in her friends Luke, Lando and Chewie to come through with their part of the plan. In Return of the Jedi, we see Leia go from role player, to victim, to hero. Leia is indeed a bad ass, that is what I tried to capture in this painting.

Princess Leia, Jabba’s Slave- Legacy
18 X 24
Acrylic and comic book collage on clayboard

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