Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight- Legacy

Luke Skywalker-comics-72

Luke Skywalker is the quintessential archtype of the hero’s journey. For my first Legacy painting of Luke Skywalker I wanted to jump right to Luke’s final stages of becoming the hero. In this piece I focus on Luke’s greatest challenge of facing his inner demons. Darth Vader represents one possible path for himself, like many of us who have the easy option of following in our fathers footsteps. I personally call this piece “Father Issues”, probably in relation to my own personal journey. Luke’s true challenge is learning how to shrug the burden of carrying the debt of his fathers bad deeds. He learns that his only road to bringing any kind of redemption to his father is to become his own man, on his own terms. He discovers that his destiny is and has always been in his own hands.

Luke Skywalker,Jedi Knight- Legacy
18 X 24
Acrylic and comic book collage on clayboard

Available, please contact below for pricing.