Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter- Legacy

Boba Fett-comics 72Boba Fett is without a doubt the most popular character in Star wars fandom, but it has always been a mystery as to why. He has very few lines, and really doesn’t do much in the films. But, for some reason he is really cool and seemingly every bodies favorite. Part of the cool factor is the mystery involved with Boba Fett’s origins. Another part is his really cool costume, but a big part of it is Boba Fett kind of represents the confident bad ass dude most of us will never be. He is the BEST at what he does, and what he does is not anything that takes the force or something unique. Boba Fett is really just a man like any of us, who has worked hard, is savvy and focused on being the best. He is proud, and cocky. For this painting I kind of wanted to focus on the confidence and Narcesism of Boba Fett. He’s the best, he knows it, and he’s not afraid to be somewhat impressed with himself. So I purposely used comics of Boba Fett, to bring out his self centeredness. If you notice, most of the other Legacy Paintings do not have many comic panels featuring the characters I am painting. But with Boba Fett, because I believe Boba Fett would have pictures of himself in his home, there is pictures of his coolness everywhere.