Star Wars Celebration IV

Star Wars Celebration IV was a huge step up for my career. I had been successfully doing Cartoons and Caricatures for Star Wars for 8 years, and I felt it was time to up the anti. I was itching to stretch my painting legs and take my career in a new direction. So I shot for the moon and through my hat in the ring to illustrate the cover of the program book for Celebration IV. Not only was I a seasoned vet, but the show was going to be in my home town in Los Angeles. So the stage was set. The only problem is they didn’t want cartooning or Caricatures for the Key art, to which I told them that is good, because I don’t want to do Cartooning and Caricature for the art. Understandably they were skeptical since they had never seen me paint one bit, but I was determined and I only asked them to give me a shot to at least show them I was capable. Nothing was promised to me, but they let me give it a shot. I wowed them right from the beginning and before to long they officially handed me the task of creating the key art for Star Wars Celebration IV! Dreams do come true! At the same time, I also had to create my design for a limited Edition Print to sell at my table at CIV. People really liked my Celebration III Print “The Grand Finale”, and most fans expected something funny from me, but I wanted to paint. So I combined them and created my first humor painting in my portfolio. I created Sith Rocks my ode to Hugh Flemmings great illustration Star Wars Rocks. SIth Rocks was a hit and the fans loved it. Between Sith rocks, and the Official Celebration IV art I had created, my art work and my career went to new places I could not ever imagine. I am really thankful to Lucasfilm and Director of fan relations Steve San Sweet for giving me this opportunity.