Star Wars Celebration Europe

Star Wars Celebration Europe was a blast and it came in 2007, the same year and summer as Star Wars Celebration IV. Because of the success of my Star Wars Celebration IV key art and Sith Rocks Print, the organizers were interested in what I might think up for key art for Star Wars Celebration Europe. The show was held in London England, so I knew I wanted to do something very British. So I brainstormed with my girlfriend Denise Vasquez on all things ENGLAND. You see Denise lived in England and Scotland for a while when she was younger so her input was really helpful. We kept coming back to music, and how important the Brits were to the music scene since the early days of Rock N roll. WIth a  little digging and researched we discovered a very serendipitous fact about the English Rock band The Beatles. While Star Wars was celebrating 30 years, The Beatles, probably most famous album ever, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band was Celebrating its 40th Anniversary. That was all it took to know a Star Wars mash-up with The Beatles Sgt. Peppers was a must do. The Celebration organizers loved the idea and the job was mine! It was truly an honor to have created the key art for both Star Wars Celebrations in 2007, but wow was I busy, and I had NO IDEA how I was going to make the Sgt. Peppers piece come together. With help from my Mom and Denise, I was able to construct and bring to life a 40 X 40 sculpture of Star Wars Sg. Peppers, which I call Sgt. Lucas.