Star Wars Celebration V

Star Wars Celebration has been a Huge part of my illustration career.  I’ve attended ever Star Wars Celebration since in inception, including Celebration 1,2,3,4,5, Europe, and Japan.  This year I am breaking my streak of Star Wars Celebration appearances and will miss Star Wars Celebration VI. BUt, with all the fan excitement around Celebration, it has inspired me to reflect on the art work I have done for past Celebrations. I’m proud to say my art work has been an important part of these fantastic shows, I sometimes forget how much art I have actually created for the Celebrations.

For Star wars Celebration V I was contacted and asked if I’d like to tackle the huge undertaking of the CV key art. Normally, I have had to create one piece, but for CV I was tapped to create 13 all new paintings! So of course I said yes, having no idea how I’d get that much work done in so little time. This show was really big as it had moved to Orlando Florida for the first time. Lucasfilm loved my mash up work in the past so they new I was the guy to bring Florida and Star Wars together in the key art. Steve Sansweet and I came up with at least 3 dozen ideas and concepts before we landed on the concept of holiday postcards from Florida. Not only was the concept important to nail, but I also had to capture that intense color those old vacation postcards had. Something I had technically never done, but I knew I could get. So 2 months later and not much sleep I completed the series of paintings in this gallery!