Star Wars Celebration III

My First Star Wars Celebration was Star Wars Celebration II. In all honesty it was the first convention I had ever been to as an artist. I didn’t even know that was a thing artists did. 3 years later in 2005, I was attending Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis IN. No longer green and wet behind the ears I was ready to show case my art and sell a ton of Limited Edition Star Wars prints for the debut of the Star Wars Celebration Art Show Limed Edition Prints program. At the time I was getting pretty well known from my cartoons and caricatures I did for the Star Wars Insider Magazine, So I felt like I need to do something really Grand and different than any other artist. I settled on the idea of the Grand Finale to Celebrate Star wars Episode 3 that was, then, to be the final Star Wars movie ever.  The Final bow, the curtain call, it was all here. I had so much fun creating this piece!

clebration 3 poster