Sketch Card Mania

Book Cover for Sketch Card Mania

Book Cover for Sketch Card Mania

Sketch Card Mania is the second book I have published with Impact Books. I co authored Sketchcard Mania with fellow artist and promoting queen Denise Vasquez. Sketch Card Mania was conceptualized by Denise Vasquez, and she came to me to help her bring this great book to fruition. Sketch Card mania is everything you ever needed to know about making, creating and promoting your very own sketch cards. The promotions section can be used in any context and is worth it;s weight in gold.

In this age of digital everything, presenting someone with an original, hand-drawn piece of art makes a big impression. So it’s no wonder sketch cards (trading cards featuring one-of-a-kind artwork) are such a sensation. Packed with cool examples from various artists, Sketch Card Mania shows you how to create your own personal and professional-looking cards with guidance from long-time veterans of the trading card industry Randy Martinez and Denise Vasquez.

  • The mechanics of designing and constructing sketch cards, from what to include on the back to printing, cutting and mounting them just right
  • 20 step-by-step demonstrations featuring a range of styles and subjects—heroes, villains, athletes, aliens, wizards, elf warriors and more
  • Expert tips for connecting with other artists, promoting yourself and sharing your work online
  • Plus awe¬some inside tips on breaking into the business from five industry professionals

Whether your goal is to generate fans, get commissions or just have fun, this book will show you how to make stand-out cards that really say something about you as an artist.

Sketch Card Mania is available in my Official STore for only $25.00 (plus Shipping and Handling)!