Of all the different art I’ve created in my life my favorite has always been Caricature.  I have always loved to make people laugh, and Caricature was always the perfect vehicle for that. I got my start in the art business doing Caricatures at parties, which eventually led me into painting Caricature portraits for people. I grew up around caricaturists so it’s no wonder I have a love for it. Unfortunately, Caricature is not as resected as it once was, a little over one hundred years ago. Don’t get me wrong, great caricature has always been respected, but somewhere along the way critics, and then the general public lost an appreciation for Caricature, grouping it with cartooning and doodles, as if cartooning was some sort of lower art in it self. It is a shame because Caricature is most definitely one of the most difficult forms of art I have ever created, and I’ve tried my hand in just about all modern forms of art. Caricature is so much more than just drawing a funny looking portrait of a person, it’s about expression and bringing out the personal traits of that person. The great part is there are no rules and you can always be as creative as you want to get a subject essence. Every artist is different on how they accomplish their caricature, but the most important thing is they are going beyond just drawing or painting what something looks like to the naked eye, they bring out what lies beneath the skin and in the soul.

Enjoy this gallery of Caricatures I have done over the years. I’ve literally done thousands of Caricatures, so this is kind of “Greatest Hits” or least they are some of my favorites!

BTW, I’m always available for hire. If you’d like to get a piece for you, of you or anyone else, please, don’t hesitate to contact me.