Wonder Woman: Legacy

WOnder Woman Final-72Wonder Woman is by far the premier female superhero in comics since her first comic book in 1942. One of my pet peeves in comics is that so few artists portrait Wonder Woman as both powerful and femenin. Often she either looks too much like a stripper or very manly. Wonder Womans sex appeal is part of her power so I didn’t want to be afraid to make her sexy. As a reference I wanted to find a beautiful woman who is sexy and confident. I found mu inspiration in a latina model/actress named Gaby Ramirez. Wonder Woman is from the Amazon (South America) so having a Latina portraying the Amazon Princess was perfect! For the Comics collage I focused more on color, and capturing a softer feel with images of clouds and light colors.I think, Wonder Woman has never looked so hot!:)

Wonder Woman

18 X 24

Acrylic and Comic Book Collage on Clayboard