Wolverine-legacyWolverine, one of the most popular comic book super heroes of all time, is the newest edition to my Marvel Legacy series. Wolverine-Legacy is a mixed media painting created with Acrylic paint and collage comic books. In this piece I wanted to focus on Wolverines early years in Marvel Comics. Before we knew Wolverines Origins, one of the coolest things about WOlverine was that he was a man with an unknown past, even to himself. Wolverine first appeared  in the Incredible Hulk # 181, where he is sent by the Canadian government to take down the Incredible Hulk and the ferocious Wendigo. Wolverine was an instant hit and would soon appear again and on a regular basis in X-men comics, starting with Giant Sized X-men #1.  The X-men often themselves on Wolverines personal exploration that would lead them to Canada and the Pacific North West. I was really drawn to the the forest environment that Wolverine first appeared. The wilderness has always been a  symbolic environment for Wolverine as he is just as feral and untamed as any creature you would find in the woods. If you follow the collage painting in the back ground from top to bottom you can see the transition from a lone feral warrior of the wilderness to loyal team mate of the X-men.
Special Thanks to the many talented artists who illustrated the comics in the back ground. I don;t know all of the artists by name, but one of my favorite Comic Book artists of all time, John Byrne is featured quite prominently in this piece.

18 X 24
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Clay Board

Available for Purchase. Please send Inquire For Pricing…