The Incredible Hulk: Legacy

The Incredible Hulk- LegacyGiant, fury of green skin and muscles…what’s not to like? The Incredible Hulk is one of the most Unique superheroes of all time. No cape, no rules, and no real goal. The Hulk just simply IS. There is something very abstract about the Hulk that has kept fans interested in this big brute. WHy does this big lug still capture our imaginations? I believe it’s an emotional connection that we can’t help but sympothize with the HUlk. We all have days where we wish we could just punch and destroy things. The Rage, we all feel it at times, and maybe the Hulk plays those feelings out for us in Comics. WHile it is fun, Stan Lee and the Marvel gang also tell a story of consiquence when we let the Rage out! In this piece I foucused on the path of destructions the HUlk lays out behind him.