The Incredible Hulk 2: Legacy

HUlk 2- LegacyContinuing with my series of Mighty Avengers, I revisited the Incredible Hulk. In my First Hulk Painting I focused on the emotional aspects of Hulk, where I capture the Fury of the Hulk. In this piece I wanted to focuses directly on the Action and Incredible strength of the Hulk.  Capturing the HUlk just before he was about “Smash” something was key for this painting. Once I found the right pose of Hulk Jumping ready to smash, I complimented the action with loads of explosions and Action words in my collage. No Hulk painting would be complete with out the antagonists that constantly challenge the Hulks metal. It never Fails, Hulk always proves to his antagonists that Hulk is indeed strongest.