Spider-man: Legacy

Spiderman-LegacySpider-man has been one of my favorite COmic book Superheroes my entire life. He’s easily one of the most recognizable heroes in comics along with Superman and Batman.  So Spiderman had to be my first piece in my Marvel Legacy series. My favorite aspect of Spiderman Comics was the unending line of Bad Guys. Great Bad guys! To me  it always seems like some nasty bad guy is trying to put the web head out of commission. I wanted to try and capture a feeling of chaos, and constant action. With so many bad guys on his tail, I’m sure Spiderman rarely gets rest form the action, so I want the viewer to feel that. Early on in creating this piece I realized I did not have nearly enough comics to cover the board. So I did some research and found a great comic book store in Burbank CA called House of Secrets where they sell TONS of old comic books for REALLY cheap. I looked through thousands of comics weeding out every Spiderman Comic I could find. Found issues of Spiderman from just about every era, even one from 1965! It didn’t have a cover, but that was okay, I wanted the comic panels. In a way it was hard to cut that comic book up, but a the same time, the old paper and printing looked so great on my piece of art. Once I covered the canvas with Comics, I painted my own Spiderman on a piece of primed canvas. Once that was finished I cut him out of the canvas, just like I do on my sketch cards. It was a very odd feeling, cutting into a canvas, I had never done that and it felt kind of wrong at first. But once I had Spidey cut out and laid him on the Comic Book Background I had made, I knew it was okay, because it looked fantastic. The Painted Spider man really jumps off the piece using the old comic book panels in the background as a sharp contrast. I used some light modeling paste to create Spiderman’s web. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but you can really see the fibers of the paste in person, and it looks likereal webbing.

Spider-man Legacy is the first Official Marvel Fine Art Print available form my Legacy Series. Printed on on canvas and stretched, this Limited Edition is limited to 50 reproduction. Each Print retails for $850.00.
Contact me for ordering information. Very few prints still available!