Hawkeye-LegacyIntroducing my latest creation in my mixed media Painting series, Hawkeye! Also known as Clint Barton, Hawkeye is the marksman archer for the Marvel superhero group the Avengers. Hawkeye was one of my very favorite Superheroes as a kid, and after painting him in my Giant Avengers painting I knew I had to feature Hawkeye in his own Painting. So Who is Hawkeye and why was he one of my favorites?…Having no super powers to speak of, Hawkeye has made his superhero status by being the worlds greatest archer, using a variety of SPECIAL Arrows. Hawkeye first appeared in Marvel Comics as a misguided villain in  Tales of Suspense #57 (Sept. 1964), where he battled Ironman for his love interest Black Widow. Fortunately for Hawkeye, in comic book world, villains can avoid jail by becoming superheroes! So Hawkeye joins the Avengers and eventually becomes one of it’s greatest leaders! That’s the basic story. But for this series of paintings, I like to pull out the elements of each character that make up who they are as people and what motivates them. For Hawkeye, I have always felt what makes him interesting is that he is the most like us. He has no powers amongst a group of heroes with super powers, so Hawkeye struggles with an a sort of inferiority complex, making him feel like he always has to prove his worth to the team. As a result Hawkeye’s character has always been written with a chip on his shoulder, which has caused drama more than a few times within the Avengers team. While Hawkeye might feel like he is a rogue or alone in the group, it seems he has always had a need to have a superhero love interest/partner. Hawkeye is not a ladies man like Tony Stark, but the women in Hawkeye’s life have played a major roll in who he is.  The Black Widow was Hawkeyes first love, and the one who misguided him into becoming a Villain in his early career (Black Widow was a KGB agent and was using Hawkeye to kill Ironman). There love for one another shapes their eventual careers as heroes and Avengers. But all great Comic book relationships never last, and the famous couple eventually went their own ways. But then Hawkeye crosses paths with S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Mockingbird, a beautiful blonde superhero with fighting skills and special devices, much like Black Widow. On their first mission the two fall in love and get married. This will be a major turning point in Hawkeyes Hero career as he and Mockingbird form the West Coast Avengers.  Hawkeye and Mockingbird carry on a famous Superhero Marriage for many years, but eventually, as all comic book relationship do, the two get divorced. However, Hawkeye and Mocking bird have remained close and have even continued to fight crime as Avengers.

My Hawkeye painting is about a real man who has juggled a life as a hero, a partner, and a husband. I think there is something there that we all can relate with.

“Hawkeye” is 16″ X 20″, painted with Holbein acrylic paint and collaged with Marvel comic books. Created on clay board.
Available for purchase, please contact me for information.

Artist Randy Martinez with his Hawkeye Painting

Artist Randy Martinez showing his collage wraps around the sides of the canvas. Making it ready to put on the wall. No frame required.