Ironman: Legacy

Ironman LegacyTo be Perfectly honest, I was never a really big Ironman fan. Don’t get me wrong, he was very cool with his shiny armor and lasers, but I never really got into the the story and mythology of Ironman and Tony Stark. When I got into comics the Ironman suite had just been passed on to “Rhodey” Rhodes, which was very confusing to me having at least known of Tony Stark as Ironman when I was a little kid. In fact when they announced they were making Ironman into a feature film I was kind of scratching my head as to why Ironman? Needless to say, the Ironman film was far beyond anything I could have imagined and it instantly got me interested to go back and re learn what I knew about Ironman Comics. Wow, there is a lot there! Tony stark is perhaps one of the MOST complex characters in Marvel Comics, with a HUGE burden to on his shoulders. Redemption is the name of the game for Ironman, and is a hopeful trait for any hero to find motivation to be a hero. Flawed as Tony Stark is, he is a hero in the fact that he has the courage to change his negatives into a huge positive for man kind. In this piece I focused a great deal on the Origin of Ironman because it’s the changed man and search for redemption that makes Tony Stark Ironman.