Captain America 2: Legacy

Cap America-legacyI decided to revisit Captain America after seeing the Avengers in the Summer of 2012. I was so impressed and excited by the film that I couldn’t wait to get home and paint my favorite heroes from the film. My first Captain America was a study of Patriotism and the stoic honor of Cap, but for this piece I wanted it to be all about action.  I have always loved the classic Captain America running towards the camera with a big cheesy smile, but I wanted to  make this my own pose with a little more motion to it. If it looks like Cap could fall forward if I doesn’t bring his right leg forward quick, that isn’t a mistake. I did that to make him look like he was in mid stride, ready to change direction and slam a baddie with that star spangled shield.  Likewise the collage in the background is a composition of explosions and villains that Cap has bested time and time again.