Avengers Assembled: Legacy

Avengers AssembledIn anticipation of Marvel’s Avengers (Feature Film) I began painting this enormous Legacy series painting of the Avengers. When I say enormous I mean, this piece is 3.5 feet X 5 feet long. It just wouldn’t be the Avengers unless it was giant! I loved all the characters that would be in the movie, but I wanted to celebrate the Avengers Comics, and the greatest Avengers of all time. Present from left to right is Ant-man,Ironman,Black Widow,Hawkeye, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Wasp, Vision,Scarlet Witch, And Black Panther.

Avengers Assembled
3.5 Feet X 5 Feet
Acrylic and Comic Book Collage on Wood Panel.
Available for Purchase. Please send Inquire For Pricing…