Randy Martinez Honored in Star Wars Art: Illustration (Book)

I am very proud to announce  my art work has been chosen to be featured in Abram Books newest book Star Wars Art: Illustration. This is a huge honor for me as my art will grace the pages of this epic art collection with the greatest Star Wars illustrators to ever create Star Wars Illustrations. Ralph, McQuarrie, Drew Struzan, John Alvin, Mark Chiarello, Dave Dorman, Hugh Fleming, Tim and Greg Hildebrandt, Jon J. Muth, Tsuneo Sanda, Drew Struzan, Jerry Vanderstelt, Christian Waggoner, Terese Nielsen, Brian Rood, and just some of the legendary names that are included in this book! What makes this particular collection even more unique and historic is the art work in this book was chosen by Star Wars creator George Lucas himself. The art work in this book represents everything George loves about Star Wars illustration, and I can’t put it into words how honored I am to be included. Thank you Mr. Lucas for including me in this collection, your recognition of my place in the Star Wars Universe means more to me than you can ever imagine.

Being included in this book represents 12 years of tireless work to be the best illustrator I could be for Star Wars. It also represents a lifetime of Passion for Star Wars. Star Wars has been embedded in my life since I was three years old, when the original Star Wars hit theaters for the first time. I’ve poured my life, my passion and my career into the Star Wars Universe, and it means so much to be recognized for the things I have created for Lucasfilm LTD. Since I was a kid  all I ever wanted to do was leave my own personal imprint on the Star Wars Universe. Star Wars Art: Illustration and George Lucas have given me confirmation that I have indeed left my mark on Star Wars!

Tongue Tied Jar Jar For Star Wars Kids Magazine

Star Wars Art: Illustration is a BEAUTIFUL book. I am humbled by the talent that graces the pages of this monumental book. I have three illustrations represented, and interestingly enough they do an excellent job of telling my story in Star Wars.
The First piece is Tongue Tied Jar Jar. Jar Jar was actually the very first “official” Star Wars Illustration I ever created. It was for Star Wars Kids Magazine, and was the main illustration on the Jokes page. I was so excited when I saw my art published in a real Star Wars magazine, I think I cried a little. I was so happy to have my art along side that of artists like Tommy Lee Edwards and Matt Busch. I did about five or six issues of Star Wars Kids before it stopped publishing. I was creating about 6-12 cartoons and Caricatures per issue, so I was really bummed when the magazine ended.  But, the Star Wars Insider had been taking notice and quickly snapped me up to do cartoons for their magazine.

Chewbacca Karaoke For Star Wars Insider

The second piece of mine in Star Wars Art: Illustration is Chewbacca Karaoke. This is one of my all time favorite comedy paintings I did for the Star Wars Insider. It was a great opportunity to do a MAD magazine inspired piece of art. It gave me the chance to do some Caricatures, draw with expression, and to do some story telling. I put a lot of funny little details in there that I never believed would get through. But I had grown a reputation for being a funny guy, and never had any problem digitally removing anything the publisher didn’t want. In all honestly, they just wanted me to go all out, and then we’d edit afterward. It was a great situation. Chewbacca Karaoke is one of the few pieces that did not get touched at all! I’m very proud of that.

The final piece I have in Star Wars Art: Illustration is Sith Rocks. Sith Rocks is a very important piece in my career as it represents a real turning point in artistic direction. This piece was my Limited Edition print for Star Wars Celebration IV. Star Wars Celebration VI was also the first time Lucasfilm had tapped me to create the official key art that woudl be used for posters, program books and advertisments. What is interesting about this time in my career is that 95% of all the Star Wars art I had created before 2007 was cartooning and Caricature. All line art and simple colors. So when word got around that I was doing the key art for Celebration IV, people were scratching their heads. Nobody knew that I could also paint realisticly and dramatically. So when my key art was revealed people were shocked. I wasn’t, I had studied painting for years in school and it was  a natural progression for me. But the transition going from Cartooning to representational illustration and painting was pretty drastic. So I knew I had to have something to kind of bridge that gap. I had a lot of fans of my humorous art, and while they appreciated my new illustration style, they still wanted to get a taste of my humor. So I came up with the Sith Rocks concert poster. I had been a fan of Hugh Flemming’s Star Wars Rocks poster, so I decided to build off of that and create my own take on the rock and roll/star wars mash up. It was a huge hit and I am so honored that it is included in this book. To make it even more special, Sith Rocks is placed in the same section as High Flemmings Star wars Rocks. So cool!

It has been an incredible journey with Star Wars, and I have much to thank George Lucas for. Mr. Lucas’ space opera has given me the opportunity and platform to express my creativity and to launch a career.

Sith Rocks

Sith Rocks was my limited edition print for both Star Wars Celebration IV and Europe. I used it for both shows as I was also illustrating the CVI Key art, as well as the Celebration Europe key art. This is one of my favorite pieces.

I also want to thank my parents for supporting my facsination with Star Wars as a kid and an adult, but also for giving me the basic tools to be the artist I am today. Special thanks to my Mom for believing in me and my talent and seeing my future in Star Wars before I could. Many of you met her at Star Wars Celebration II, and III where she was such a great support during a difficult time in my life. Thank you Denise Vasquez for all your support, your belief in me and helping me grow as a person. Your positive light and inspirational talents has helped me grow as an artist.

Finally, I want to thank a dear friend of mine. Mr. Steve Sansweet. Steve Sansweet has been a great friend, supporter, and mentor. If it was not for Steve, none of these great things through Star Wars would ever have happened.  I am eternally grateful for all he has done for me, the opportunities he has put in my path, and for his guidance. Steve has always been there to help me see things from “A certain point of view”. Thank you Steve, you are my Obi-Wan Kenobi!