Ask An Artist- This and That

Today I thought I would answer some of the quicker, easier to answer questions before going into something  deeper.

First a few quick questions from Joseph.

How Many sketches have you done in one day?

Wow, that is really tough to say. I don’t really keep stats on that kind of thing, I’ve sat and done hundreds of rough sketches for projects, or just sketched out ideas in my book all day. But I can tell you that I completed 200 sketch cards, that were sketches,  in about  2 hours once. It was my first sketch card set for Topps, and I had 2 hours before the FedEx drop on my deadline date. I was trying to finish up 3000 sketch cards, and I still had 200 left with just under 2 hours to go. My roommate timed me and I averaged about 14 seconds a card. All 200 were battle droids. I got in an unbelievable zone. I’ve never put myself in that situation again, but I’ve probably done 200-300 in one day.

Have you ever battled anyone in a draw?
Once in Jr. High School. By Jr. High I was really well known for being a good artist. I was making a name for myself selling my drawings of superheroes, so I was getting a lot of attention from my classmates and teachers. There were a few of my classmates who drew pretty good too,  and as much as I tried to be friendly and appreciate their art. I just couldn’t break down that wall of insecurity with them. One day, a student started popping off about his skills and was telling everyone he was better than me. I tried to explain to him and my classmates that art is not a competition, and that he did in fact do really good work. I asked why he needed to say or believe he was the best on campus. It was Jr. High School so you can imagine how quickly the conversation turned into a challenge. So he called me out in front of a bunch of class mates, and challenged me to a drawing contest. The challenge was to go home that night and return the next day with a drawing of Wolverine and the students would judge who was the best artist. I expressed that it doesn’t matter, but with so many cute girls around, I couldn’t reject his challenge. So That night I went home an drew the best Wolverine drawing I could. Brought it back to school the next day. Wouldn’t you know it, the other guy didn’t even bother to do a drawing. He wouldn’t even comment on it. I guess I won by default. But something inside me never felt good about that whole situation because Art is not a contest. In fact, since then, I have felt that art contests in general are the opposite of everything art is about. I think two artists drawing at the same time in an Iron Artist type of thing can be fun, but it’s not really about who is better. It ALL comes down to taste.

Then Jack asks.

” Is it difficult deciding what to create?”

Not really. Most of the time the basic subject matter is given to me by a client. But when I do art on my own, I usually have a long list of ideas I want to create and I just go down the list. The only time it gets difficult is when I am really inspired to create two or more different subject matters. Most of the time it’s just picking one to focus on, like throwing a dart. The best thing is no matter which I pick, I’m happy with my decision:)