Mega Fan Girl is here!

One of the biggest topics in the news the last few years has been Bullies. It’s a cultural phenominon how big this news story is because bullies have been around since the beginning of time, and there will ALWAYS be bullies. What seems to have changed is how people deal with bullies. There are those who want to punish and eliminate bullies altogether, but to me that is just the bullied becoming the bully. I believe  the best way to deal with bullies is to simply ignore them by celebrating who you are! Being proud of who you are, builds confidence, and confidence is the #1 detractor of bullies ( and might I add, confidence is one of the greatest attractors of good people.).
So, Denise Vasquez and I came up with a new Superhero Specifically for the MEGA GEEK in all of us. Her name is Empowerment, and she is never ashamed to display her love for all things Geeky and fun! Look Closely and you can see Mega Fan Girl is proud to show her excitement for Comics, Video Games, and Pop culture!

Empowerment, Mega Fan Girl will be debuting as a print during Stan Lee‘s Comikaze September 15-16 at the Angry Koala Booth #1706. Denise and I will be at the booth on Saturday from 1pm-3pm to sign  copies of our new print along with Books and other goodies!

First five people to buy a print get a free gift!

If you can’t attend Comikaze but would like a print, I will be posting ordering information after the show!

So Stop by the booth, say hi and pick up a print of Empowerment, Mega Fan Girl!