Custom Bootleg Figure Art

So, what is a Custom Bootleg Figure?

Custom Bootleg Figures are one of a kind pieces of art created on a real action figure packages or cards.
I take a real Carded Action figure, carefully remove the action figure from the card, paint a unique image over the existing package, and then reattached the original figure.
The end result is a beautiful, fun, and completely unique piece of art!

Custom Bootleg Figures can be created with any action figure you can think of; Star Wars, G.I.Joe, Marvel Universe, DC Universe, or literally any action figure you can think of. I’ve even created a custom vintage TRON figure Package.

While I create custom art relative to the attached figure the most popular Custom Bootleg Figures are the personalized ones. This is where I paint someones portrait on the body of their favorite action figure! Personalizing the art makes it ultra unique and well, personal.

You can proudly display your unique action figure art  in your home or at the office, or make it the crown jewel of your collection. I mean, no collection is complete until you have a figure package of you.

Custom Bootleg Figures make great gifts too. Imagine your friends or family opening a gift they can’t get  anywhere else, and it’s personalized just for them. Each custom package is hand made and unique making each piece a one of a kind collectible, thus making you the coolest friend, or family member EVER!

Available in 3 different styles for any budget!

For Prices and Ordering information please email me (using the EMail Me link to the right), or fill out the inquiry form below!

See my gallery of Custom Bootleg Figures here!

So how did I get Started creating Custom Bootleg Figures?

A couple years ago I was helping my Mom move some stuff in her attic when I came across a huge box filled with Star Wars action figures. I had totally forgotten about this box I had put away for safe keeping. I was So excited as I thought I had discovered a box of treasure that would bring me a fat wad of cash. To my disappointment, it turned out my Star Wars toys were all from the “power of the force line in the late 90’s. The problem is, Kenner/Hasbro had completely flooded the market with this line of action figures, rendering the carded toys almost worthless. It was like finding a 1000 pound nugget of fools gold, I was deflated. But, never one to let a turn of misfortune get me down, I started to think of other things I could do with my devalued collectibles. I had taken such good care of them all these years, it seemed like a crime to just throw them away in vein. Then it came to me…Why don’t I make art out of them? So, as an experiment I careful took the figure and it’s bubble off my 4 LOM figure. Success! I managed to not harm the bubble or the figure, and I managed to not peel off too much of the card board surface. I then painted 4LOM on the card with some comic books collaged in the background. I reattached the bubble wand figure to the card and with that my first Custom Bootleg Figure was born. It looked fantastic!  I had successfully converted a worthless toy into a one of a kind piece of art!

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