My Holbein Paint Demos at San Diego Comic Con 2012

One of my favorite events at Comic Con is my live painting demonstration at the Holbein booth next to Artists Alley. I of course love to paint, but I really love talking with people
about art and these great products.  Let me back up a bit and tell you I have been using Holbein paints exclusively since 2008. In 2007, Tim Hopper, from Holbein came to Denise
and my Booth and gave us both a sample box of Holbein Acrylagouache. They looked interesting and Tim gave a great pitch. But, Denise and I get all kinds of samples at shows, so I tucked them away with the rest of my samples from that show. About a year later I was working on a Star Wars painting for Topps Trading cards and I ran out of Red paint. I was on a deadline so I didn’t have time to travel to the next town to get to a decent art store. At the time we lived in Ventura CA, and back then there were no REAL art stores, just Michael’s… IT’s a great crafts store but their art supply section is not…great:) Anyway, As I was drying to stretch out the last of my acrylic paint Denise dug out the two boxes of Holbein Acrylagouache and said I should try these.  BUt it’s Gouache, I thought, I need acrylic…but it said acrya on the label… So what is it? How do I use it? I had no choice, so I just went for it and squeezed out a healthy pile of Red Acrylagouche. It looked like Acrylic paint, it smelled like acrylic paint (Yes, I smell my paints), but did it paint like acrylic paint? YES, in fact it painted better than acrylic. It was like painting with warm butter. From the first stroke of paint I put down I was sold and I have never looked back. Since then I have used Holbein’s Acrylagouache for everything including official paintings for Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics.

Holbein makes a number of fabulous products; Mat Acrylics, Gouache, Water Soluble Oil, inks and brushes. My favorite Holbein product is their Acrylagoauche line. The colors are amazing and the 
versatile paint I have ever used. I can paint with it just like Acrylic paint, or water it down to a watercolor like consistency. As an Illustrator I use a variety of tools and mediums in my work to get the appropriate effect. I had always been frustrated by acrylic because I love the color and richness, but because of it’s plastic finish it made it impossible to work back into the painting with things like colored pencils or markers.  Holbein Acrylagouache dry mat retaining the tooth of the surface, allowing me to draw back into my paintings with just about any drawing tool. Because Acrylagouache is acrylic based , the color is water-resistant (unlike plain Gouache), so once it dries I can paint more wet media into the piece.
Obviously, I am very excited about Holbein’s Acrylagouache, so it’s always my pleasure to do my demo during comic con. This year I worked on two paintings while I was at the booth. I dabbled at the Captain America Painting (that I started at last years demo), but I also started another painting of the Incredible Hulk too.
I started the Hulk during Thursdays demo, but ultimately was not happy with the composition. It gave me a great opportunity to demonstrate Acrylagoache’s ability to work back into a painting and cover up un wanted color. So Saturday, for my final demo, I began drawing a new piece right over my first prelim painting . I decided to do a humorous piece of  The Hulk and Thor. A small crowd began to gather to see what I was doing, which gave me a great chance to preach the word of Holbein!. Several artists stopped to see and listen to all the great things this products does; many buying a handful of paints to try for themselves. I love painting, but I have to say talking with other artists about art supplies is my favorite part of these demos. It may sound boring, but I learn so much from these conversations. It’s a like a sharing Nexus about arts supplies! I’ve met some great artists from all over the world while doing my demos. I love sharing Holbeins product but I also really love the fans and conversations, and it is the reason I will continue doing demos as long as Holbein will have me!

Thank you Tim and Jon for the opportunity and all of the support Holbein has given to my art!

Check out Holbein art supplies at their website.